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Cady Jones Carries On Nutrition World Vision

When Cady Jones recently took over as director of sales for Nutrition World in Chattanooga, she assumed responsibility for a brand that her father, Ed, spent decades building—and a store that triggered her lifelong interest in the intricate relationship between nutrition and wellness. Yet she never felt forced into her line of work.

“I was never told what I was going to be when I grew up,” Cady says. “Instead, a small dream my father had in 1979 to begin Nutrition World manifested into my current, blissful career.”

In many ways, Ed Jones’s vision for Nutrition World was ahead of its time. He saw the connection between health and consuming the right food, having a peaceful mental state and getting the correct supplementation—a connection that’s broadly accepted in today’s healthy and wellness community.

“Almost 40 years later, our mission statement sums up our true intentions that my dad set out so long ago,” Cady says. “Our primary goal is to create a healthier Chattanooga by offering only the highest quality and services that meet our critical standards. We have a constantly changing schedule of events, workshops, classes and lectures at our store, on a variety of topics. And we pride ourselves in up-to-date research, products and data to meet people’s health needs. We aim to be their partners on their wellness journey.”

Nutrition World is located at 6201 Lee Hwy., Chattanooga. For more information, visit

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