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Functional Medicine Is Subject of October CHEO Program

Scott Resnick, M.D., of Chattanooga Functional Medicine, will give a talk, “Change Your Perspective, Change Your Health,” on October 21 at Blissful Wellness, the yoga studio behind Nutrition World. His presentation is hosted by the Complementary Health Education Organization (CHEO), which hosts a monthly program at Blissful Wellness every third Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. The programs are open to the public, with donations accepted.

Formally trained in general surgery and gynecology, Resnick now practices functional medicine. He says it differs from conventional medical practices in that it doesn’t simply identify a symptom and counter the symptom with a matched drug. “This allopathic, drug-focused approach to medicine is taught in medical schools, and is limited by a failure to assess what caused or has contributed to the symptom. In this manner the symptom is masked, and the patient never truly heals.”

Functional medicine uses biology, biochemistry and peer-reviewed literature to assess the body’s processes and systems that have contributed to the symptoms, Resnick says. Treatments focus on the use of supplements, diet, mind-body practices, herbal therapies and hormone balance to equip the body to institute lasting metabolic changes. “This approach for repair and healing, and not simply masking a symptom, is what defines a functional approach to health,” he says.

During his presentation, Resnick will discuss the protocols of functional medicine and how it is used to optimize health. “If you can change your health perspective, you can change your health,” he says.

For more information, visit CHEO on Facebook.

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