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Great Lawns Need More than Mowing and Edging

Mowing, edging and weeding are only part of the formula for a beautiful lawn, says Roy dos Santos, owner of Elite Property Maintenance in Ooltewah. “Those components alone will do very little good in the long run if the things that are necessary to keep your lawn healthy are neglected,” he says. Grass must be made resistant to threats such as “floral and faunal pests” as well as severe weather conditions—something Elite Property Maintenance achieves largely through organic methods.

“Our lawn-care program is done in six steps, which includes fertilization and pest control,” he says. “Our slow-release fertilizer delivers an even supply of nutrients over time to keep the grass constantly fed in between our visits.”

The six-step program includes protection against invasive plants and bugs that can rapidly kill grass, he says. “Weeds take root in your yard through forces of nature, such as the wind carrying unwanted seeds onto your property. They can very rapidly take hold in an area and establish themselves. Having very efficient root systems, weeds can absorb the nutrients that are meant for your turf.” The program also includes aeration and overseeding, to create thicker grass with less room for weeds to grow.

The weed and grub control Elite Property Maintenance uses doesn’t harm “good” plants, dos Santos notes. “A key thing that separates our company from its competition is our near-exclusive use of organic products whenever possible. There are not many competitors around here that are chiefly organic in their fertilization or weed control products. We keep lawns healthy while also taking into account the surrounding environment. This company is green in more ways than one.”


Elite Property Maintenance is located at 5015 Tucker Rd., Ooltewah, TN. For more information, visit or call 423-616-1060.

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