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The Yin Yang House Expands into Dalton

The Yin Yang House moved from Boston to Chattanooga’s North Shore more than 10 years ago, and then to its current Southside location at 818 East Main Street, converting an old soap warehouse and a liquor store into a wellness space. Now Yin Yang House will have another new address—but this time it’s expanding, not moving.

“Due to the large number of patients we have from the North Georgia region, we decided to open a second office in Dalton,” says owner Chad Dupuis. “We’re renovating an old dental clinic located at 1240 North Thornton Avenue. It should be opening in early fall. We’re looking forward to making travel life easier for our North Georgia-area patients.”

Dupuis, the center’s principal acupuncturist, established Yin Yang House to help people improve their health with Chinese Medicine. “Completely practiced, Chinese Medicine includes acupuncture; tuina, or medical massage; herbal medicine; moxabustion; cupping; and wellness techniques such as tai chi, meditation and qigong,” he says. “We also utilize Western massage therapy and craniosacral therapy.”

With its complementary medicine-based approaches, the center has successfully treated a broad range of conditions in thousands of patients, he says. “Our goal is to not only provide the best care for our patients, but also to provide them with access and education about tools that they can use to improve their health on their own.”

Among of the conditions commonly treated at Yin Yang House are pain of any nature, including migraines, arthritis and fibromyalgia; autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus; respiratory issues such as allergies and asthma; a range of psychological issues, including PTSD, panic disorder and addictions; infertility; labor induction; hormonal issues such as menopause, irregular cycles and PMS; digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and reflux; liver disorders; diabetes; and cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure.

For more information, contact Yin Yang House at 423-521-0480 or

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